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Frequently Asked Questions

1)  I would like to participate but cannot afford travelling and need support. Can you help me?

The whole concept of this symposium is exactly this: People with or without money or much time for travelling to attend conference via the internet connection. This symposium is not a live symposium. It is what it is called: An online one. The talks will be offered online, there will be discussions, questions-answers online and all this, through your internet connection at home or at work. You will be able to chose the talks you are interested in, see or hear the parts of it you like again.

2) Are there any fees for participants?

No, it's completely free.

3) Feature XY or topic ACB is missing. Why?

We are fulltime PhD students and organizing and implementing this symposium was done in our rare spare time. We had a lot of ideas but just not the man-power/money/time to make all of them real. So, you can still send us suggestions and we are happy for feedback but we cannot guarantee that we fulfill your wishes.

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