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How to participate and contribute

The minimal way of participating is to download the talks/interviews files that we offer. This is possible at any time. When the symposium takes place registered users can download them in different formats. But you can do more than just this. Leave comments on the related site and give us your impression and ideas about the presented topics. If there are enough people who are interested we will start IRC disussions at announced times. For sure you know the classical poster session of a symposium. Well, we offer something similar. Everybody can create pages in their "my folder". Maybe you want to present a poster or even give a short talk. Just prepare a media file and contact us. You can also propose topics for discussions. The format of this symposium offers you a variety of possibilities to contribute!

Playing media

We offer a variety of audio and video files so that you should be able to consume the talks and interviews without the need of installing new software. For the case that you have problems give the open source software VLC media player a try. It is available for many platforms.

Adding comments

Only available during the symposium. Obsolete now.

Some of our pages have a "add comment" button (only visible for registered members). Please leave comments and questions there. With the "reply" button you can directly answer to a question/comment so that there can be different treads on one page.


Only available during the symposium. Obsolete now.
We have an IRC (Internet Relay Chat.) channel on for general questions and to discuss selected topics in realtime. The easiest way to connect is to use the embeded interface that you can find in the chat folder. If you are not familiar with chatting and want to play around first you can find a link to a sandbox for that purpose in the same folder. You can also try other clients like XChat which is open source software and available for different operating systems. User of the Firefox webbrowser can use the Chatzilla plugin.

Server name:
Chat: #embl_online_phd_symposium

Make your own contribution

Only available during the symposium. Obsolete now.
The easiest way is to create a page in your personal folder ("my folder" -> "add item" -> "page") or link to your external page. Inform us via email and we will put a link in the participant's section section.

Second Life

Only available during the symposium. Obsolete now.
As already mentioned, Nature offered us their Island in Second Life. You can create one account of this virtual world for free. The necessary client is limited to only few operating systems but it is free of charge. We will give more instructions about how to get to the island later.

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