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Neurobiology Session

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The nervous system is the basis of our emotions, our creativity and our conscious sense of ourselves. Understanding how it functions in order to "repair" it when it is "broken" is an intellectual challenge of the highest order. What is the progress on the molecular basis of mental illness and how can we develop better drugs for neurological disorders are some of the questions tackled in this session.

Turhan Canli - Genomic psychology - An outlook for the next 100 years
Neuroscience has immensely enriched Psychology in the past century. Whereas early Psychology could describe and predict behavior without reference to biology, contemporary Psychology uses much of the currency of Neuroscience to explain the underlying mechanisms of many mental functions. What are the implications for psychology for the next 100 years? (Audio only)
David Collier - Unravelling the Biology of Psychiatric Disorders
Psychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia involve both genetic and environmenal effects and their interaction. Genetics and social science have become the main tool for understanding their aetiology. In schizophrenia, there has been spectacular success in recent years in identifying susceptibility genes...
Klaus-Peter Lesch - Serotonin Transporter Gene x Environment Interaction: Implications for Depression
Depression is an etiologically heterogeneous group of brain disorders with complex genetics. Although research on the neurobiology of depression is still in its infancy, several milestones have been reached...
Lars Sundstrom - Drug discovery - Thinking inside the box
Drug discovery has undergone a revolution in the last two decades. A recent and exciting new development comes from re-engineering mammalian tissues in-vitro using stem cells or primary embryonic tissues which can now be generated in formats that will allow us to re-engineer 'organotypic' humanised tissues. These new systems will become the experimental 'animals' of the 21st century... (Audio only)

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