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Omics / Systems Biology Session

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Life is more than just the sum of its parts. Analyzing all entities of a biological system and their interactions are essential to the understanding of the mechanisms of biology. The computer based integration of many different types of biological experiments can lead to such new insights. In this session we will focus on some examples of systems biology.

Leroy Hood - Systems Biology and Systems Medicine: Dealing with Complexity
Having contributed to acquisition of biological data by developing DNA and protein sequencers early in his scientific career, Leroy Hood speaks about what he is doing today, using this data.
Stuart Kim - Systems biology of aging
In his laboratory at Stanford University, Stuart Kim and his group want to track down the pathways of aging. Comparing levels of transcription and looking for coregulated genes they could actually identify a possible common signature of aging
Roland Krause - Shared components of protein complexes
Recorded exclusively for the Online Symposium, this screencast reports about protein complexes and the trickiness of catching them correctly. Roland Krause, group leader at the Max-Plank-Institute in Berlin, will be online in the chat on Wednesday to answer your questions.
Michel Morange - What is the meaning of the genomic and post-genomic revolution? + Interview
Genomic and post-genomic revolution: Michel Morange talks about the exact nature of the changes occurring in biology today. Is it a revolution at all? Another successful example for the sometimes difficult balancing act between science and humanities is presented in an interview with Michel Morange who is not only a successful bioscientist but also holds a degree in philosophy.

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