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Pedro Beltrao - Modularity and Evolvability
This is a short presentation on modularity and evolvability in different evolving systems. It tries to argue for more transparent and modular scientific process.
E.L. Willighagen - Distributing molecular information over the Internet
This poster introduces methods developed in the last 10 years that allow distributing molecular content over the internet, starting with Chemical MIME types and ending with chemistry enriched blogs and blog aggregators. During the conference I will add more and more detail to this overview, so questions are most welcome!
Jean-Claude Bradley - The UsefulChem Project: Open Source Chemistry Research using Blogs and Wikis
Here is my talk at the American Chemical Society on September 14, 2006 in San Francisco. This is a fairly condensed summary of the UsefulChem project, with plenty of examples on how we use blogs and wikis to do open source/open notebook science.

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